About Us

About MedFirst - medical communications and writing servicesWhat we do
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MedFirst specialises in writing and preparing materials for the medical, science, pharmaceutical and healthcare profession, producing a variety of materials for internal and/or external use. Whether it be a presentation for an internal team meeting or an abstract to be submitted for publication to an international congress, we can help you with every step. We offer bespoke documents to meet all your communication needs.

Examples of the types of materials and services we can support you with include:
 Primary manuscripts
 Review manuscripts
Research reports
Education materials
 Slide presentations/kits
 Newsletters and e-alerts
 Website management/content development
 Onsite attendance for congress meetings, symposiums and advisory boards
 Liaise with your thought leaders to arrange meetings and convey messages.

Our aim is to produce clear, informative documents and presentations of the highest quality. With a vast amount of experience in medical and healthcare communications, we can cater for all your editorial needs. In addition to providing editorial support, we can also liaise with your thought leaders on specific projects, providing expert guidance to ensure your objectives and deadlines are met.

How we do it
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Our work ethic ensures that we safeguard your business as well as your information (data/results) and intellectual property:  

Liaise with our clients to recognise their precise requirements
 Pay attention to detail
Produce materials with the client’s aims and objectives in mind
Work in a timely and cost-effective manner
Ensure client, product and data confidentiality
We endeavour to deliver our work with speed, accuracy, integrity, enthusiasm and pride
We aim to develop and maintain professional working relationships with our clients and gain a level of trust that is second to none.

Why we do it
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There are many reasons why organisations and individuals use our services:  

Help meet the growing demand of freelance support required by medical communications agencies
Maximise the impact and accuracy of your documents
Enhance a medical/scientific publication
 Gain assistance with interpreting data and putting it into context
 Help market and promote your products
Allow you to focus on your work and leave the formal writing to us
Assist non-English speaking professionals share their work with the wider (international) professional community
Increase public awareness by bringing matters of interest in to the public domain.

Who we do it for
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We work for a wide range of clients, from individuals to large organisations worldwide:

 Medical communication agencies
Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
Contract research organisations (CROs)
Physicians and other healthcare professionals
Scientists and research staff
Research and development organisations.

With our strong organisational and communication skills, we are sure to deliver your work on time without compromising quality. Our scientific editing and proofreading services benefit both native and non-native English speakers.